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World Peace Meditation for 9-8-21







When we are not conscious of the Divine in ourselves and in

everyone and everything around us, we live on auto-pilot, acting

from habit, reflex, or ego, and the result is the extension of the

illusion of separation. When we learn to be conscious, fully present

in each moment, we act from the center of our being, in the

conscious awareness of the central Truth of all existence: God is all

there is, eternally expressing in infinite and unique ways – and

EVERY person, place and thing is part of It. In this awareness, we

cannot accept the illusion of separation – we KNOW our oneness, at

the cellular level, at the atomic level, at the sub-atomic level – we

are One and peace is our Nature, our environment, our very


If this resonates with you, you might take 15-20 minutes to sit with

these words, absorb their message, and real-ize their truth in your


                                                      Love and blessings,

                                                                Rev. Sharri


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