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MAKE a One-Time Donation:


FIRST please choose to make your Recurring Donation to our:

* General Fund - sustains the whole mission and all activities of this vital ministry.

* Library Fund - dedicated to expansion and operation of our cherished New Thought library.

* Internship Fund - dedicated to sponsoring Library Science and other students to help curate our library.

SECOND: (your selection will pop up in a new Tab or Window - you can return to review THIS note:

A) BEFORE entering your Name and Email, SELECT "$1.00" to SET THE AMOUNT of your Donation.

B) NEXT SELECT Edit order.

C) NEXT SELECT "Qty 1" and just type in the numeric amount of your choice (no $ or , - just the numerals)

     and be sure to Backspace to remove any prior quantity!

D) NEXT CLICK "< Edit order" above your amount ("Qty NNNN") to see your "$NNNN.00".

E) NEXT SELECT "< Your order summary" to NOW be able to

F) ENTER your Name and Email, then SELECT "  Next 

G) and the "Add your payment details" page will accept your Card Number, Expiry, and CVV.

H) You have the option to "Save this to your list of payment methods." Select or Skip at your choice.

I)  SELECT "  Next  " to process your Donation. Thank you for Your Donation today!

Did you know? Your Recurring General Donation (individual or a group you pull in) of $100/month or more will

allow us to change to a Simple Single Page for Donations that will help expand our ministry!

Are you our hero today?

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