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MAKE a Recurring Donation:


FIRST please choose to make your Recurring Donation to our:

* General Fund - sustains the whole mission and all activities of this vital ministry.

* Library Fund - dedicated to expansion and operation of our cherished New Thought library.

* Internship Fund - dedicated to sponsoring Library Science and other students to help curate our library.

SECOND: (your selection will pop up in a new Tab or Window - you can return to review THIS note:

A) BEFORE entering your Name and Email, SELECT "$1.00" to SET THE AMOUNT of your Donation.

B) NEXT SELECT Edit order.

C) NEXT SELECT "Qty 1" and just type in the numeric amount of your choice (no $ or , - just the numerals)

     and be sure to Backspace to remove any prior quantity!

D) NEXT CLICK "< Edit order" above your amount ("Qty NNNN") to see your "Recurring Donation x NNNN".

E) NEXT SELECT "< Your order summary" to NOW be able to

F) ENTER your Name and Email, then SELECT "  Next 

G) and the "Add your payment details" page will accept your Card Number, Expiry, and CVV.

H) SELECT "  Next  " to process your Donation. Thank you for Your Donation today!

Did you know? Your Recurring General Donation (individual or a group you pull in) of $100/month or more will

allow us to change to a Simple Single Page for Donations that will help expand our ministry!

Are you our hero today?

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