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World Peace Meditation for 9-6-23

One with the power of divine peace, I am the very presence of peace in my world. My thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony so that I project peace from the inside out. I am clear that peace is not a smile-face mask I wear but a calm, confident generosity of spirit released from within. As day follows night, peaceful action flows from my peace-filled mind.


I am the Power of Peace expressed in my thoughts. Releasing thoughts that separate or denigrate, I raise my consciousness to the God standard of Oneness. I bring about peace through my thoughts.


I am the Power of Peace expressed in my words. My words heal and harmonize, uplift and appreciate. Powerfully, peacefully, I speak to right wrongs and improve conditions. I bring about peace through my words.


I am the Power of Peace expressed in my actions. Boldly, I walk a path of peace guided by inner wisdom. All that I do fosters mutual blessings. I bring about pace through my actions.


Peace is in the midst of me as I become the presence of peace in the midst of every circumstance.


~~ A Unity Prayer for Peace from “Peace in the Midst, Interfaith Prayers for Peace”


If this resonates with you, please take 15-20 minutes to sit in the stillness of this prayer until you feel yourself becoming PEACE.


Love and blessings,

Rev. Dr.  Sharri


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