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World Peace Meditation for 8-2-23

Dear God,

Silence my thoughts of confusion and anxiety.

Silence my thoughts of grief, despair, hurt, and anger.

When there is chaos and turmoil, shelter and protect me with

your peace and loving, powerful presence.

As I take this time to stop and pray, fill me with your peaceful

presence. With each breath I take, I breathe in your peace that

surpasses all understanding.

I surrender my unrest to you so that I may receive peace.

Help me to be a spark that ignites peace in others.

Help me to see your face in the faces of the people around me.

Give me courage and compassion to love one another even

when love seems like a risk.

Teach me to listen to those I disagree with, to hear stories that

make us uncomfortable.

Heat the hatred in the world around me by healing our own

hearts first. Amen.

~~ Christian prayer for peace, “Peace in the Midst,

Interfaith Prayers for Peace”, Unity World Headquarters

If this resonates with you, I invite you to take 15-20 minutes to sit with the words and feel the peace they generate, then broadcast that peace.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Dr. Sharri


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