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World Peace Meditation for 7-3-24

Realizing that Peace already exists, but is buried under millennia of human fear, illusion, and error thinking, today we begin to excavate this precious buried treasure.


Sit comfortably in a quiet place and breathe slowly and deeply. As you breath in, release tension from your body, as you breathe out, feel it melting away.


On the next inhalation, release tension from your mind, and as you exhale feel calmness settle over you.


On the third breath, visualize a tiny iridescent pink bubble in your heart

center, pulsing softly.


With each subsequent breath, see that bubble expanding, first to envelop your heart, then your body, and then the room in which you sit. Feeling calm and relaxed in this bubble, bring to the surface of your mind those rocks and boulders that hide your peace: fears, resentments, the illusion of lack, a false sense of separation, past hurts, worry, etc. Continuing to breathe into the bubble, watch as the love it represents dissolves each negative illusory rock into light.


Now see that light, together with the life you breathe into it, expanding the bubble even further, to encompass your home, your city, your country, and the world. Envision our shining blue marble, spinning in space inside a glistening iridescent bubble of love and know that its only possible atmosphere is Peace.


Love and blessings,

Rev. Dr. Sharri

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So very true, and “just right” for our modern time!

Mi piace
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