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World Peace Meditation for 7-28-21

Recipe for Peace

(serves 8 billion)

1 heartful of unconditional love

2 eyefuls of nonjudgement

1 mouthful of blessings

2 handfuls of generosity

1 mindful of brotherhood

1 soulful of innate Divinity

1 spirit of unity

Clean heart of negativity, clean eyes of prejudice, clean mouth of

disrespect, clean hands of grasping selfishness, clean mind of any

belief in separation. Mix all ingredients and serve immediately.

Second helpings are encouraged.

This recipe is as old as time, passed down from generation to

generation by seekers of Harmony and seers of Truth. If this 

resonates with you, you might take 15-20 minutes to sit in the

silence and mix up a batch, then enjoy its beautiful and fulfilling


 Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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