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World Peace Meditation for 5-10-23


Today we focus on light as the symbol for our meditation. Light has been used as a symbol for life, for love, for understanding, and for God Itself for as long as people have used symbols. It is a powerful and moving symbol because it IS energy in motion – light never stand still. By its very nature it is constantly expanding and it travels without effort for years. We know this because we have watched a candle flicker, seen a searchlight’s beam, and observed the stars in the night sky. Scientists tell us the light we see as stars has traveled for years, sometimes centuries, to reach our eyes, so we can easily accept that light is eternal. Today, as we settle into the silence, let us repeat, silently or aloud these words:


I see the eternal light of God,

I know the unlimited light of understanding,

I feel the unconditional light of love,

I am the infinite light of peace.


If this resonates with you, you might take15-20 minutes and let each word, each phrase, resonate within your center until you truly radiate the light of peace.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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