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World Peace Meditation for 4-28-21

Peace is one of the attributes of God. We are expressions of God. Therefore, peace is an attribute of every human being. So, why do we not experience peace? It’s because we don’t allow ourselves to recognize peace as our essence – we do not, in our human busyness, allow ourselves to be present to the peace that is our nature. So today’s exercise is a bit different – today we tithe our presence to that which feeds our spirit, the essence of peace within each of us. Tithing is defined as giving one tenth back to Source, and today we make it the first tenth: set a timer and gift yourself the first six minutes of each hour you are awake today to sit silently in the presence of peace that always lives at the center of your being. Your day will be magical – and the world will be changed. Let world peace be revealed!

   Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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