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World Peace Meditation for 3-16-22

It has been said that a candle loses nothing when its flame is used to light another candle, and this is a powerful truth, but even more important is the fact that every time one candle lends its flame to another candle, the light is increased. So it is with the flame of oneness that burns in every human heart: every time we share our light with anyone, the light grows, not just as two separate lights, but as one beacon of peace, harmony, and oneness. So today we focus our attention on that flame of oneness as we breathe, deeply and slowly, watching the glow expand as we let these words float in our awareness:

There is only one light.

There is only one life.

There is only One.

One light.

One life.


I invite you to take the next 15-20 minutes to breathe into that flame and let these words resonate in your consciousness.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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