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World Peace Meditation for 2-9-22

When my daughter was very small, she said to me, “Black, white, red, brown, yellow – what difference does it make? When you take off the skin, we all look the same!” She had no idea she was being metaphysical, but she was profoundly so. God created all that is out of Its own substance, out of Its own Self – an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, colors, talents, abilities, perspectives, likes and dislikes – but when we “take the bodies off”, when we look within, the essence, the Beingness of every single one is the same. It is God-essence from which we are all made. We are an amazing collection of God-soup bowls – each one unique, but each filled with the same Divine substance! If we emptied all of our bowls into one big pot (let’s call it Race Consciousness), we couldn’t tell where one of us ended and the next began – there could be no disharmony in the soup! What if we choose to see ourselves, and everyone else, from this soup-bowl perspective? How peaceful would it be to live in and as God-soup? How irresistible would it be to join us?

If this resonates with you, please take 15 -20 minutes to sit with this idea and feel the oneness and perfection of God-soup.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri

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