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World Peace Meditation for 2-15-23

We pause in quiet reflection to offer this prayer for a peaceful

world. In our individual and personal ways, we call upon the

Holy One who sustains our lives and who inspires us to live

with compassion and kindness and peace. We ask for daily

guidance in all of our personal relationships; in our work and

play, and in our community involvement that we might model

the possibilities of peace in everything we say and in

everything we do. We pray for wisdom and compassion within

the hearts and minds of all world leaders who have the power

and the responsibility of making decisions that impact the

presence of peace. We pray for courage, dedication, and

integrity within the spirits of all those who work for peace

around the world. We pray for all those who harbor thoughts

and feelings of hatred, violence, and greed that their hearts

and minds and souls will be transformed into Your likeness

of compassion and kindness. We are thankful for Your

presence within our lives and ask for Your blessing as we try to

live peaceful lives and seek ways for all people to live in

harmony and peace.


Dr. John Heidel’s Interfaith Prayer



If this resonates with you, please take 15-20 minutes to sit with

these words and allow them to resonate in, through and as your day.

Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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