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World Peace Meditation for 12-15-21

In today’s world of instant media, we are inundated with opportunities to look around us and see conflict, tragedy, terror, and lack. Too often, we accept that invitation and find ourselves perceiving no peace on earth, no peace anywhere around us. What can we do in that case? First, we recognize that we, like the man in the country tune, are “looking in all the wrong places”, because we are looking outside of ourselves, focusing on effects. The second step is to turn within and connect with the ever-present, constant, eternal, unlimited, irresistible peace of the Divine presence that lives and moves and has its being in, through, and as, each one of us – and each one of those we see struggling. In that presence, we allow ourselves to be saturated with peace, with unconditional love, with the Truth that God is all there is and God is PEACE. Once we have soaked our spiritual sponges in that peace, we bring ourselves back to the world and squeeze it out all over every situation, conflict, fear, or apparent lack. We are the place where God’s peace happens!

If this resonates with you, please take 15-20 minutes to sit with these words, to practice soaking until you are completely saturated with peace – and then go out and squeeze!

                                                      Love and blessings,

                                                                Rev. Sharri


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