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World Peace Meditation for 11-8-23

Peace, be still. All is well.

Today I lay a foundation stone in the house of peace. I understand

each person has a role to play in establishing world peace, and I am

willing to do my part to help bring it about.

My realization of world peace begins in my mind and heart. I find

perfect stillness within as I commune with God and touch the peace

that passes all understanding. From this place of perfect tranquility, I

radiate wave of peaceful blessings to encompass the world.

I send thoughts of love, healing, and assurance of the divine

presence and power within me, just as it is with all people.  Holding

the world’s people in my heart, I affirm:  You are love. You are peace.

All is well. Peace, be still.


If this resonates with you, please take 15-20 minutes to sit in the silence with this passage from Unity’s Daily Word  for March 20, 2023, and know that as they flow from you, they also flow to you.


Love and blessings

Rev. Dr. Sharri



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