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World Peace Meditation for 11-24-21

In this week of Thanksgiving let us broaden the focus of our gratitude – since an attitude of gratitude primes the pump for blessings, let’s start with being  grateful for the Life that lives in, as, and through every human being, and for the love through which that life expresses; then we can be grateful for compassion; we can be grateful for our Oneness; we can be grateful for the peace that is at the heart of love. In that atmosphere of love, we can then truly be grateful for the Truth that sets us free: God is all there is, and all that is IS God expressing; so let us choose to recognize these blessings: the peace that is our nature, our essence, our goal and our gift. Let’s be grateful and unwrap the gift now!

If this resonates with you, please take 15 – 20 minutes to sit with these ideas, let them activate your gratitude, let them lift your consciousness, let them open your heart to peace.

                                                      Love and blessings,

                                                                Rev. Sharri


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