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World Peace Meditation for 11-10-21

Twice a year, many people do a “closet cleaning”, releasing the things that no longer serve them and making room for new things. This week, I propose a mental and spiritual closet cleaning. Sit down in a comfortable position, take a few deep, centering breaths, and then use your imagination to open the door of your mental/spiritual closet. Take out each old thought and give it a good looking-over – does this old hurt still fit? Does this old resentment still match your style? Does that old belief in lack really look like you, as you are today? If it does, give it a nice pat, thank it for its service, and hang it back up – but if it does not, put it in the barbecue, set it alight, and watch it dissolve into nothingness – let it go and make room for a new thought. You get to choose the new thoughts to replace the ones being released, so treat yourself to a spiritual and mental shopping trip. Pick up some joy, grab a little happiness, choose compassion for yourself and others, whatever feels really good and makes you look FABULOUS in that mental mirror. When you are finished, close the closet and notice what you are feeling. Renewed? Alive? Contented? Perhaps even at peace?

                                                      Love and blessings,

                                                                Rev. Sharri


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