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World Peace Meditation for 1-11-23

You cannot pour anything from an empty pitcher, so today we will focus on filling the pitcher. There is in each of us a place so still, so calm, so filled with peace that it cannot be disturbed. Some call it the secret place of the most high. It is always there, it has always been there, it will always be there, because it is that part of a person that is the point of contact – the place that never forgets that there is only One – the very god-ness of a human being. If we allow it, that place can expand to fill our hearts, minds, and consciousness. When we are filled with the conscious awareness of the Oneness, peace is no longer an option – it is the very atmosphere in which we live and the pitcher is, indeed, full.


If this resonates with you, I invite you to gift yourself with 15 – 20 minutes to sit with this thought in that still place, feel the pitcher filling up, then pour it out to all around you, to the entire human race, to the entire planet, knowing your pitcher is bottomless!


Love and blessings,

Rev. Sharri


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