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One Heart Retreat center

185 White Acres Lane

Marshall, Ar 72650-8666

Serving the area for over 20 years.


Who We Are

One Heart Retreat Center is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to be a place that facilitates the expansion of consciousness and amplifies the spiritual awareness of all who come there. Our vision is to live in Oneness, embodying generosity, compassion and Truth in our business and in our teaching. Our purpose is to be a place where groups and individuals can come to “refill the pitcher”, since we cannot pour anything from an empty pitcher. 

We are located in a beautiful, serene rural setting, with the most amazing scenery - day and night (our sky is VERY dark). This is the perfect place to rediscover your connection with the Divine.

What We Offer

We will offer our facilities to other organizations for group and individual retreats, either providing a format and facilitator(s), or using their own facilitators. Our facilities are also available for one-day business meetings, professional training and small conferences.The cost of use is based on the amount of space, materials, and equipment to be provided by the center, plus a percentage of the registration fees (for retreats).

We also offer CSL certificated and non-certificated courses taught by our faculty. These classes are offered at a comparable rate to those of other CSL centers, and both facilitators and teaching assistants are paid on a per-class basis. One of our goals is for One Heart to become a regional campus of the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership, offering all of the regional classes. Our facilities are also be available for special events such as weddings and other ceremonies.

Our Commitment

The guiding principle of One Heart is our commitment to living the Truth we teach and expanding the reach of that teaching through service, prayer, and presence. In keeping with that principle, One Heart tithes on gross income to spiritual centers and individuals. One Heart will also establish a scholarship for CSL SOSL ministerial students and offer internship opportunities to ministerial students on-site and via video-conference technology. In addition, One Heart offers a 10% discount to Ministers and Practitioners on retreats, as well as a 10% discount for Veterans on any services.


An essential aspect of One Heart Retreat Center is maximum accessibility; that is, to be available to the maximum demographic. We accomplish this by having both a sliding-scale fee structure and a work-exchange program for individuals who do not have the financial wherewithal to pay for time at the center. This is on a 2:1 basis (2 days work for 1 day of retreat). Participants in the work-exchange program receive room and board during their entire stay. We also offer a discount to CSL Practitioners and Ministers. Our management philosophy can be stated in one short question: WW<3DN? (What Would Love Do Now?) This is basically our interpretation of the Golden Rule, and enables us to meet people where they are and help them to discover, or perhaps re-discover, who they are.

How You Can Support One Heart

Recently, retired CSL minister, Rev. Clay Johnson, and his wife stopped by One Heart Retreat Center for an overnight stay on their way to Florida. We talked non- stop about this center and what we are doing here. Before they left, Rev. Clay told me that One Heart is a blessing to CSL to Arkansas, and to the whole world (through the Spirit Online Directory) , so he and his wife have decided to tithe $100 per month to One Heart for the next year. Since One Heart is 100% reliant on Spirit to support this ministry, Rev. Clay suggested that I invite others to consider tithing to One Heart as well.

If you have appreciated my blogs, World Peace Meditations, video Uplifts, or any of the services available through the Spirit Online Directory,  I invite you to consider participating in this tithe program however God moves you, because this message is God moving me!

Tithes could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual. Tithes can be sent by check, made online on the Donate page of our website,, or just by clicking the button below!

How Groups/Individuals Can Participate

• Hold an event, retreat or conference.

• Young Adults and Youth Camps

• Donate partial scholarships for attendees

• Donate furnishings

• Private retreats available. (Similar to Shambhala and Self-Realization Fellowship, etc.)