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One Heart Retreats

Who We Are

One Heart Retreats is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to be a space that facilitates the expansion of consciousness and amplifies the spiritual awareness of all who come there. Our vision is to live in Oneness, embodying generosity, compassion and Truth in our business and in our teaching. Our purpose is to be a help groups and individuals to “refill the pitcher”, since we cannot pour anything from an empty pitcher.  This is the perfect place to rediscover your connection with the Divine.

What We Offer

We offer CSL certificated and non-certificated courses taught by our faculty. These classes are offered at a comparable rate to those of other CSL centers, and both facilitators and teaching assistants are paid on a per-class basis. One of our goals is for One Heart to become a regional campus of the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership, offering all of the regional classes. 

Our Commitment

The guiding principle of One Heart is our commitment to living the Truth we teach and expanding the reach of that teaching through service, prayer, and presence. In keeping with that principle, One Heart tithes on gross income to spiritual centers and individuals. One Heart has also established a scholarship for CSL SOSL ministerial students and offers internship opportunities to ministerial students on-site and via video-conference technology. In addition, One Heart offers a 10% discount to Ministers and Practitioners on retreats, as well as a 10% discount for Veterans on any military services.